Michelle Elie (the model-cum-designer-cum-fashion fixture) and Troi Ollivierre (the hair and makeup artist) have always been sort of creative soulmates. Since their first connection in downtown New York City in the ’90s, the duo have been creating together, both for work and play. Add in Michelle’s husband, acclaimed art director and artist Mike Meiré, and you have TROUBLE Inc.

Im Projektraum / At the project space

Who is afraid of white, black and beige?

Eröffnung / Opening
28.4.2022, 18 Uhr

Einführung / Introduction
Prof. Dr. Claudia Jarzebowski, Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies

Ausstellung / Exhibition
28.4 — 3.7.2022

A photographic examination of identity, gender and racism is subjected to a complex reinterpretation.

What role does the skin color play and how does it still impact our feelings and perceptions when making decisions in human relationship?
How has the the political policies within the system build on Color identity has been a pivotal validation on ethnic, racial oppression and segregation through discourses around value, taste,culture, methodology and the deployment of color.
As youth playful shaped by social media and the metaverse increasingly blurs the lines of gender and identity. Society still defines color identity through black and white and beige.
As a black woman who has worked in the fashion industry all her life as a model and fashion influencer, Michelle Elie is confronted with questions about age, body and skin color as well as norms and stereotypes on a daily basis.
A photographic examination is holding a mirror to disentangle the truth and telling a tale of resilience based on judgment on each other and finding a new way of breaking established norms.

In moments when so many people feel the inequality and injustice of the ruling systems, it is about a strong conviction in who you are and what you identify with. Without discrimination or exclusion. Who’s afraid of black, white and beige?

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